Offering spring replacement for garage door.

Our Austin garage door company has been helping people to replace garage door springs for many years now. Over the years we have replaced 1000’s of garage door springs. We will help you too!

Symptoms that your garage door spring needs to be replaced.

If your garage door is exhibiting any of the following symptoms then you will want it to be inspected by a professional garage door company:

  • Not opening and closing smoothly.
  • Not opening or closing at all.
  • Chattering when operated.
  • Hanging up when opening.
  • Garage door only opens part way.
  • Noisy operation.
  • Gap in the torsion spring.
  • Garage door suddenly slams shut.

What kind of garage door spring do you have? Torsion or extension springs?

There are two main types of garage door springs. The first is call torsion springs. This type of garage door spring is usually mounted above the door, but not always because it can be relocated elsewhere for garages with less space. This type of garage door spring has proven to be a very balanced setup and preferred by most garage door companies. The other type of garage door spring is the extension spring. This type of spring is mounted above the door track but can be mounted in other configurations. Both types of springs have limited lifespans of only about 7-10 years and when they break they can be hazardous.

Caution: Injury or death can occur from faulty springs.

If your garage door was manufactured before 1993 then you are at personal risk of injury. In 1993 the Consumer Products Safety Commission put in place a law to protect citizens from injuries caused by older production garage doors. Garage door spring replacement should be a major concern for you and a top home maintenance priority.

A word of caution: Stay safe and stay away.

If you are currently not sure of the condition of your garage door spring then we highly recommend that you keep children and pets out and away from the garage until we can get there to inspect your garage door spring.

Need a spring inspection? Free spring inspections for Austin residents.

As part of our commitment to the community of Austin Texas we will provide you with a free inspection to determine if your garage door spring needs to be replaced. There is absolutely no charge for our garage door spring inspections and no obligation to hire our services. With our free spring inspections you will know the risks that your garage door is posing on your family.

Garage door spring replacement is the low cost safety measure.

As a home owner you understand that there are regular maintenance costs involved with owning a property. When you consider the low cost of replacing your garage door spring compared to other regular maintenance expenses it makes choosing to hire our garage door replacement services the logical choice. Most garage door spring replacement services cost less than $300. For an exact quote call us for us to come over and evaluate your garage door.

Higher quality parts then what was initially installed.

As with anything in life it seems as if you are merely buying time. The same kinda goes with garage door spring replacement services. Generally speaking this service will last 10 years. Because we only install premium garage door springs made with high quality steel alloys you can expect better longevity then what was initially installed.

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