You want to feel safe and secure in your home. But do you really know how safe it is? What about your locks? Your windows? And what about the alarm system that you never use because it’s too expensive or complicated?

If any of these things are making you uneasy, then call Pros On Call for a free security inspection today. We’re experts at helping people like you make their homes safer and more secure. We’ll inspect every lock, window, door—every single thing that might affect your safety!

It’s not uncommon for people to feel uneasy about their security at home. The unfortunate truth is that there are some criminals who specifically target homes, looking for ways to break in and steal valuables. But you can make your house less of a target by following these steps:


Get an alarm system installed

If you have young children or pets at home, it might be best to get a monitored system with cameras so that someone will know if they open the door or enter through a window. If you don’t have any kids or animals, then just opt for the cheaper monitoring option where they call after sensing motion inside your home. It’ll still alert them—and give them time to call your local police—if someone opens the door.

You can also pretend you have an alarm system – even if you don’t! Do this by simply installing fake cameras that resemble real ones. If it looks like everyone else has one, chances are the criminal will go to another house where they feel they have a better chance of getting away with their crime.


You’ll need to update your locks and security system often

It may seem like a hassle, but you should get new keys made every time you lose one or when your home is broken into. Doing so will help keep strangers out of your house, even if they got their hands on one of your old keys.

You should also regularly change the locks on the windows, garage doors, and back door, depending on which ones you use most frequently. This is especially important if you’ve ever tried to sell your house! You don’t want someone breaking in when they move in after you’re gone—the new tenant might think you were the one who broke in and did not report it.


Keep your curtains drawn


It’s easy to keep your home protected without breaking a sweat—keep your curtains drawn at all times. If you do this, the burglar won’t be able to see if you are there or not making them think it may be better to go elsewhere.

It’s time to make sure that nothing interferes with the safety of you and those around you. A study by SAMES, an international company based in Texas found that 49% of homes have some sort of window covering on their windows – 38% are sheer panes while 15 percent use shades or draping material; this means there is a potential access point for burglars looking through these openings as well so be careful when closing them at night- unless it’s already dark enough outside where no one would notice if the light came from inside.

When it comes to keeping those pesky intruders at bay, one of the most effective ways may be drawing back their curtain with something that could make them feel trapped inside – like drapes or shades from outside windows in another room. These things will offer little leakage but still give off enough light so any potential burglar knows what they’re up against before making his move.


Never ignore broken locks

Do you have a broken lock on your front door? If so, the best thing to do is call an expert immediately. Broken locks can be quite dangerous and there’s no time like now for safety!

Locks are a vital part of home security. In fact, if you don’t have locks on all doors in your house and windows to keep intruders out then they will break into what’s inside! If this happens there is nothing stopping them from squatting down near valuable items like jewelry or money that could be used easily by someone else once they get past whatever defenses are protecting these pieces—making it important not only to make sure everything around here can’t come crashing through but also repairing any broken locks immediately so no one takes advantage while we sleep soundly at night.

Home security is important and you should never take a chance with your locks. If there’s any sign of tampering, the burglar could get in without you even knowing it! When you have broken locks at home, it can make you feel vulnerable and insecure at night, which means you’re more likely to have trouble sleeping or get up often during the night when staying awake becomes difficult due as your mind wanders with thoughts of what could be outside trying (or worse) getting in through an open door! Make sure to fix those broken keys right away before they spoil all chances for good homeownership.


Get deadbolts

Another thing that would make your house more secure is getting deadbolts installed on all of your doors whether they are front or back doors. They’re more secure than normal doorknobs and can be difficult to pry open without a key or lockpick. It is even better if you can get all of them re-keyed so that it matches the key in your possession, which will ensure nobody else can open your house unless they have direct access to it!

You won’t be able to do this yourself but should definitely take advantage of it when it comes time for you to sell your house! Nobody wants a thief living in their new home before they even get the chance to move in so it is very important that everything possible is done for you and your family’s safety.


Ensure that the door is locked every time you go out of your home

You should always make sure that all of the doors in your house are closed every time you leave. If someone breaks in, this may be all it takes to keep them from taking anything of yours!

You don’t want anyone who doesn’t belong inside your home or is at least supposed to be standing outside by the sidewalk where they are clearly not welcomed—stealing whatever they wish with an easy entrance because you were too busy or too lazy to lock everything up that first day.

It is just as important to make sure that all of the first-floor doors are locked before you leave at night because your family’s safety is not worth risking it all on just one door.


Don’t leave valuables in plain sight through your windows

The best way to protect your valuables while you’re away from the house is by not leaving them in plain sight. If you do, this will make it easier for any potential intruders who may want what’s inside of your home. They’ll know where exactly the important items are located and can take their time looking through every last one before deciding against committing burglary or theft!

One of the best ways to keep your house safe from intruders is by making sure that it’s not an easy target. If you don’t place your valuable items in plain sight, they’ll be much harder to find for anyone looking at homes nearby.

If you have to do it, avoid placing them right where someone would look first: on your desk by the computer or near the TV set. Rather, drawers and cupboards are much better choices because someone would have to go through a lot of trouble just to get inside.


Don’t hide your keys outside

You should never hide your keys outside of the house or leave them by anything that is easily accessible for someone else, either. It’s best if you keep all sets of keys together in one, an easily visible place that you can always see when you get up every day.

One of the worst things that could happen is if your family finds out after you’ve left for work that someone has broken into your house while they were inside getting ready to go themselves. This makes it all too easy for them to take whatever they want without having to worry about getting caught or being forced to leave your house right away.

If you have small children or pets, make sure that they can’t get their hands on your keys and hide them in a safe place so no one will be able to take all of the necessary precautions away from you.


Keep your yard well-groomed and clear of obstacles, such as toys or furniture

You should make sure that the rest of your yard is free of any obstacles which might hinder your view while someone else tries to get away. This means removing all toys, lawn chairs, tables, umbrellas—anything that moves easily if their feet are bare after you’ve just given them a good scrub-down with soap and water.

They wouldn’t have to worry about being seen if there are obstacles in the way because they will have enough time to remove them before scurrying into their car or hiding between your bushes or trees. Make sure that there’s nothing that could help them escape without you seeing just what they were up to!

And if you live on a busy street, it’s best to place obstacles along your fence or near your door because this is where they’ll probably try to enter instead of breaking a window.


How about when you’re moving to a new house?

Moving to a new house is always exciting—but can raise concerns about safety and security. Pros On Call has been helping people as they transfer into their new homes safely for over twenty years, so we’re experts on moving into a new place! If you’re moving into a new place, here are some things to remember.


Make sure your locks are up-to-date, especially if they came with the house

Get them rekeyed so that no one can have copies of keys made without your permission. You should also get deadbolts installed wherever possible since sliding doors are easy to break.

New houses are sometimes built with cheap doors and windows because the builder is trying to save money. If you walk around the neighborhood, you’ll be able to spot these homes quickly if they look worn or flimsy.

This means that it could only take a few good kicks for someone to break through your front door. You should also make sure your windows are double-pane to keep a lot of noise out during a break-in, and that they’re sturdy enough to resist impact.


Make sure your alarm system is installed and working

If you’re moving into a new place, the previous homeowners might not have activated an alarm system that was installed already. You should get in touch with the previous owners to find out if they activated the security measures or just had them sitting around somewhere until someone decided to take advantage of it.


Always call a locksmith service when something needs fixing

Whether it’s a broken lock or an incorrectly installed deadbolt, you should always call for a locksmith service when something needs fixing in your house.

You don’t want to think that you can fix it by yourself and take the chance of locking yourself out or having someone else try and break into your home while you’re at work, either. It only takes one mistake for everything to go downhill from there.


Call Pros On Call today for all of your locksmith service needs

We’ll come to you at any time of day, whether it’s late in the evening or just after lunchtime at twelve noon, and fix everything that is important. We won’t keep you waiting long so if you call right now, our dispatcher will be able to send out a technician within the hour.

You can call Pros On Call at (888) 601-6005 or you can email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so we’ll surely be there whenever you need us.

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