If you are concerned about the security of your residential property, then you might consider upgrading your locks. As a matter of fact, these days, the security of a home is as important as any commercial building.


Advantages of Using Commercial Locks on a Residential Home:

Did you know that using a lock that is generally used for commercial buildings in homes could have many advantages?

Let us tell you what benefits you can enjoy when you use a commercial lock to make your home secured.


Low-Cost Options:

Usually for homes, a Grade 3 ANSI lock is used. Although it is the lowest grade of the lock, it doesn’t mean that it’s useless. You can surely use these locks at home, but you might need to replace them after some time. This is because these locks are graded on the basis of their longevity and durability.

However, if you want a lock that needs no replacement for a longer time period, use ASNI Grade 1 lock that are usually used for commercial buildings and businesses.



Most of the commercially used locks are customizable. These are designed specifically to be customized as businesses use locks for various purposes. While using commercial security locks, you can also enjoy this customization.



Many of the high-grade commercial locks have rekeyed capabilities. This feature allows you to reset your locks anytime. If a key is stolen or lost, you can change the system of your lock to insure that it no longer accepts the stolen key, while others keep using their keys uninterrupted.


Key Tracking:

If you have an electric door, use a commercial lock that allows you to track keys with cloud-based key tracking software. These days, a number of commercially manufactured locks have this feature.
In short, with the help of this system, the administrator of the key system can keep a track of where the keys are. It not only helps in locating the keys, but you can also find where these keys can be used (if you have different locks at multiple entry points).

Another good thing about these keys is that they cannot be duplicated.


Ensured Security:

All the features of commercial locks that we have discussed so far have only one purpose; providing the best security. These features are designed special for locks that are meant to secure businesses. When these features work together, they make it nearly impossible for anyone to break into your home.
Moreover, when you use these commercial locks at home, you and your family can work independently of the thought of home security that otherwise may follow you everywhere. ‘


Last Words:

Security of your home is no doubt important than anything else, but it doesn’t mean that you spend all your money on buying an extraordinarily expensive lock. It is, however, recommended to spend a few hundred dollars in buying a reliable and quality lock system. Instead of seeing this as an expense, see it as an investment. After installing a good-grade commercial lock at your home, you may not need to replace them for years.

With all this, the security of your home is guaranteed. Just make sure that you hire a professional locksmith to help you install the lock.

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