There are two types of fare for a professional locksmith.

The normal rate (during the weekdays) and the locksmith’s check-out rate (applied at night, on weekends, and on public holidays).


The different problems of locksmithing

In our daily lives, locks are omnipresent. There are on the doors of the house, but their presence is much more important. Carlock, trunk lock, cabinet lock, window lock, etc. – it is difficult to identify all types of lock that we use. And it is often when we come across a locksmith problem that we pay attention to it.

This problem is often the same: the lock does not open anymore. The reasons can be many: loss of key, broken key in the lock, door blocked, door slammed with the key on the lock. You must have met one of these problems by bad luck.


Locksmith Charges

For the service of a locksmith during the day, it will take between 100-300 dollars depending on the problem he/she is to solve.

80 euros for a single slammed door and up to $150 for closed armored doors with the most complex locks. The price can increase if your lock has specificities (electronic system for example) or if several locks are present on the door.

To this amount, it will also be necessary to add the price of the trip, which can vary greatly depending on the company you contact.

Finally, if you have to replace your lock, the locksmith can also offer you the installation of a new lock. The price of the service will be much higher and it is often in this type of service that one must be very vigilant. Indeed some locksmiths can be unscrupulous and take advantage of the distress of their customers to inflate the bill.


Lock installation price

Before talking about the price of the installation of a lock, know that if you are a little handyman, you can do it yourself. All you have to do is buy your lock in a DIY store and ask a seller for advice to install your lock yourself. Although, this is not the best practice. It is usually best to contact a locksmith to help you out.

If you prefer to use a locksmith for the lock installation, you will be guaranteed a professional job, executed as it should. But beware the price can vary significantly between different professional locksmiths and we arrive at costs ranging from 100 euros to 700 euros.

If you need to change your lock, arrange to contact a locksmith on weekdays. The price should not exceed 100 to 150 euros of labor (exception for the most high-tech locks which will require you to pay more).

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