There are so many people in the city of Austin that have replaced the locks on their house. That is for good reason because locks of yesterday are out of date and or so they are causing a lot of problems for residents in Austin because they cost money to fix and replace these old locks.

So what are you doing? Are you fixing and replacing old locks? Hire a professional locksmith in the Austin area that will be able to replace the locks outright so that you never have to fix them again and waste money on repair costs.

I really like modern locks because they are better looking. People admire them and say how cool that they look. These locks let me inside fast and way high-tech. I wish I could have locks like this on my car. But they’re not really quite the same because this one I can choose the exact lock that I would like to have installed on my house. Know what I am saying?

It is so funny because I can put the coolest most high-tech locks you can possibly imagine on my house but not my car. We are living in the space age because these locks are great. Like, they’re made out of titanium alloy and programmed was some Egyptian alien technology that inhibits people from entering my home when I am at home and they are not allowed to be inside. Ha!

We don’t want people inside that aren’t allowed and this is the most secure lock imaginable. It is one that has been designed so that it will scan the retina in my eye. A lock is proven to be the most effective type of residential door lock because all you have to do is walk to the retina scanner on the wall put your eye up to it, look through the scope and now the door and a computer greet you inside.

Like how would you like to hear “welcome home sir or ma’am”. Like George Jetson coming home. Robot servants a microwave dinner hot piping hot ready to eat. You rest on the couch to comfortably watch your favorite program on television. The news & daily sitcom or other fun activity that you will do that night.



  • What kind of Lock would you like to have installed on the front door?
  • Just do you want to have a deadbolt lock that has triple Plies in the lamination of the bolt??
  • Or do you want a low-cost lock because care about your belongings or your family that is inside?

We all know the answers to these questions. They are something to think about because you really need to think about it. Don’t have a cheap lock installed when the burglar kicks in the front door and it is no problem to get inside to steal your possessions – or who knows what could happen!

As a locksmith company in Austin, we recommend getting a high-quality quad deadbolt lock installed on the front door, like modern locks that you see on new homes. The most awesome locks ever made on the planet.

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