It may sound silly but the fear of zombies is very realistic, even the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a page dedicated to a zombie apocalypse. So in the face of this inevitability, below are seven things that you can do to ensure that your home is safe and that the undead are kept outside;


1. Install doors of the dead

One of the basic ways of keeping the undead out of your home is to install stainless steel doors in your home. Stainless steel doors are impenetrable and affordable and can certainly keep the living dead out of your house.

Also, any ding or dents made by the heathen invaders can be repaired using an auto-body repair kit. You can also install a triple-point lock to help keep them out.


2. Reinforce your window

The windows are one of the favorite entrances for zombies. To keep the living dead out of the house ensure to use tempered-glass windows that can stand the force of a hurricane or even a wrought iron security bar. Plus, you can use plywood to reinforce your windows.


3. Build your home in a remote location

Zombies are known to concentrate in highly populated areas as this ensures a continuous source of sentience. One of the most effective ways to keep the zombies out of your home is to build it in a remote location. Such areas have a low population and are less attractive to zombies, hence improving your chance of survival.


4. Tall fences

Tall fences are also very effective at keeping zombies out. The fences are not only to be tall but to have smooth surfaces. Zombies suffer from muscle deterioration making them incapable of climbing tall smooth fences.


5. Move upstairs and dismantle the stairs

If you can’t relocate to a remote area and do not have tall smooth-surfaced fences then you can stop the zombies from reaching you by moving upstairs and dismantling the staircase, at least until the invasion is over.

You can use a rope or a portable fire ladder as a means of temporary access in and out. If you live in a one-story house then you can move to the attic, pulling up the retractable ladder after you. If you don’t have an attic, then you have to wait on the roof for the invasion to end.


6. Pit traps

In cases where the living dead breach your defenses you can use your pit traps to halt their advancement. You should dig several holes around your home and cover them with leaves and tree branches. Pit traps provide almost the same level of defense as a tall fence.


7. Use your toolbox as a weapon

If any of your defenses break down it would be important that you have the necessary tools to wage war against the zombies. It is popularly known that destroying a zombie’s brain is the best way to kill it. So it is important to have blunt tools, especially those with long handles, like tire iron and ax.

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