Recently, car theft has been on the rise. Cars get stolen left, right, and center. In less than a minute, your car is gone. Every year, millions of cars get stolen, which means a car gets stolen after every 27 minutes.

Although there are various methods you can use to protect your car and avoid car theft, there are those basic ones you need to consider.

Consider the following steps.


Never leave valuables in your car

Leaving valuables might be the last option, but before you even consider stepping out of your car and locking the door, make sure valuables such as wallets, laptops, briefcases, mobile phones, and purses are not in plain sight inside your car. These valuables add incentive when a thief wants to steal your car. So if you can’t take them with you, lock these things in the trunk.


Close your windows

Sometimes we make sure the windows of our cars are closed. However, when you want to go to a shop, you might find yourself tempted to leave your windows open thinking you will rush and come back in time. Sometimes those two minutes you spend in the shop are enough for someone else to steal your car. Always take a few minutes and make sure your car windows are tightly locked before stepping out.


Points for parking

Look for a well-lit area and avoid car parks or garage exits. When you pack closer to the garage exit or a car park, thieves will always try and steal your car. These places allow for quick getaways. On the other hand, well-lit areas are less likely to be a habitat for car thieves. Park your car where there are garage security lights or extensive CCTV monitoring.


Consider incorporating car alarms

Car alarms are one of the best methods to protect your car. They are an inexpensive solution that offers you extra security. You don’t need to visit a car dealer to install a car alarm, qualified and certified automotive locksmiths can offer you’re the services.


Steering wheel locks and closes your doors

Steering wheel locks are great for deterring thievery from stealing your car, they provide security and make your car painful to steal. Also, make sure your car doors are looked well.


Keep spare keys somewhere

Another thing you need to consider is keeping your spare car keys somewhere, investing in car tracking systems, and don’t forget to always use a qualified, certified, and trusted automotive locksmith whenever you need locksmith services.

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