The garage door is often the first thing you see when you arrive home, likely giving both an indication of whether or not you’re alone and if your house is maintained by keeping it well maintained. Whether your garage door opens manually or automatically, it’s important to keep it in good shape because there’s no sense in having something that only works half the time.

It’s probably the first thing people see when they come home; this might tell them right away whether you’re alone and if your place is taken care of. Whether your garage door opens manually or automatically, it’s essential for it to be in decent condition because there is no point in having something that only works half the time.

Having a reliable garage door can be the difference between feeling like you’re at home and feeling like you’re still out and about. Whether it’s automatic or manual, keep it in good condition because things don’t work as well when they aren’t taken care of.


FAQs About Why Is It Important To Have Your Garage Door Working Well


What is the most common issue with garage doors?

Though it’s hard to pinpoint the exact number, somewhere around 10% of garage door malfunctions may be caused by broken or bent rollers. Another 40% or so can be attributed to misaligned tracks. Therefore, keeping your garage door parts in good shape is essential for being able to open and close them correctly. This is why it’s vitally important to have your garage door inspected regularly.


What are the most effective ways to prevent garage door malfunctions?

Though there are various causes of malfunction, the easiest way to prevent them is to ensure that all bolts and screws are tightened frequently, lubricate rollers every 6 months, oil springs every 6-12 months, keep track of rollers clean, and replace worn-out parts.


Are there any advantages to looking into a new garage door opener?

Newer models can open and close your garage automatically, making things safer for you and easier on you if you’re dealing with mobility restrictions or other disabilities that may make opening and closing your door difficult.


Are some outdoor lighting fixtures better than others at keeping intruders away?

Motion-activated lights work best to keep burglars off your property because you’re likely to get a warning if someone is coming before they can get too close.


How might one be able to tell if their garage door needs maintenance?

A noticeable drop in how well it opens or closes may indicate problems with the springs. Even if this isn’t happening, inspecting these components regularly can mean catching small issues before they become big ones.


Is there a good time of day to schedule garage door maintenance?

It’s best to schedule this preventative maintenance at night because you can’t have it done during the times that your garage door is typically open. This reduces the risk of someone being injured by something involved with the service because they’re working on it while no one will be around.


What are some common signs that indicate my garage door needs replacing?

You may need a new garage door if you’ve noticed rust or other damage. If your tracks show signs of decay, this may also be an indicator that it’s time for a replacement.


How soon after buying a new home should one look into garage door maintenance?

It’s important to take care of these things as soon as possible because it may be difficult to get help otherwise. You’ll need to work with your local garage door company for this service.


What are the different types of garage doors and how should each one be maintained?

The three most common kinds are steel, wooden, and aluminum. Steel should be kept in good shape with lubrication to keep it from rusting. Wooden garage doors should be checked for cracks or other damages regularly because they can warp easily.

Aluminum is a lighter material that doesn’t need a ton of maintenance but may need to be replaced fairly often if someone uses force on the door repeatedly or tries to break it down with explosives or a vehicle.


When should one consider looking into replacing their garage door?

If the panels are damaged or it looks like something more than normal wear and tear are taking place, it’s time to consider new ones. Even if this isn’t happening, at some point in the life of any garage door parts they may start to break down beyond repair. This is why regular maintenance is important.


What precautions should be taken when having someone work on their opener?

While most professionals with experience working on openers know what they’re doing, it’s still recommended that you stay away from moving parts while they work. These include the track, springs, and any other elements that may pose a risk to your safety or well-being.


What are some ways one can keep their garage door opener in good working order?

It’s important to lubricate hinges regularly, keep them free of dust and debris, and make sure it doesn’t get wet. Leaving it out for extended periods between uses can contribute to wear and tear as well because extreme temperatures can shorten its lifespan significantly.


How does the weather affect garage door openers and garage doors?

Cold temperatures can cause certain parts to become brittle and lead to problems with opening and closing. Similarly, extremely hot temperatures can make these components heat up until they warp or melt. Rain may also pose a significant risk to them because it can rust steel materials and break down wooden ones over time if water gets into places where it shouldn’t be.


What causes garage doors to become misaligned?

The tracks need to be perfectly straight for these mechanisms to work properly, so even small deviations from this level of quality may throw them off balance. This is why it’s important that you’re aware of any damage that has been done as soon as possible so you don’t have to deal with these kinds of problems later.


How often should one consider getting their garage door opener serviced?

You’ll need to work with your local garage door company for this service, but it’s generally recommended that it’s done every year or two years. These professionals will be able to check all the components and make sure they’re in good shape before giving you an estimate on what needs to get fixed or replaced. They can also make any repairs necessary during this time.


How much does a new garage door installation typically cost?

The price range is between $800 and $2,000 depending on the materials used; however, average estimates fall at around $1,300 for steel and $1,450 for wooden garage doors.


What does a garage door installation service include?

Installation of a new garage door typically includes:

  • Removal of the old garage door
  • Installation of new garage door tracks
  • Installation of new garage door opener
  • Lubrication of all hinges and joints
  • Checking for levelness and straightness of tracks
  • Checking all safety features
  • Checking the garage door opener to confirm proper operation


What are some precautions one should take before having a new garage door installed?

When you get a new garage door, make sure the wiring is in good condition. This includes replacing any defective connectors or switches that could pose a safety risk because they don’t work properly.

You also want to make sure the cables are strong enough for the weight of any additional items you keep there and be aware that this might need to be done in advance if you plan on putting anything in your garage when this service takes place.


Can one person handle the installation of a new garage door on his or her own?

It’s always best to have two people working together on these projects whenever possible just in case something goes wrong because it’ll be much less dangerous that way. When this isn’t possible, use extreme caution when carrying out the process alone.


What are some benefits that come with having a new garage door installed?

Your old garage door may not be as energy-efficient as it could be, so replacing it generally yields cost savings on heating and cooling bills. A new garage door will improve the condition of your property, which helps increase its resale value (as well as its curb appeal).

And if you plan on staying in this location for years to come, replacing the current garage door will save you from the hassle and additional expenses of future garage door repairs.


What kinds of things can go wrong with a garage door?

A lot of different issues can create problems for this major home feature, especially when it’s not working properly. The tracks could be misaligned or broken, the springs might need to be replaced, and the lift mechanism could require tightening or lubrication to get it working like new again.

When any of these things occur as a result of normal wear and tear (which is typically unavoidable), they’ll eventually start to cause other problems as well because the functionality won’t be what it should be. This often leads to more expensive repairs because those components now need attention as well.


What should we consider before purchasing a garage door?

You may not realize this, but there’s more than one type of garage door available for purchase. If possible, compare all your options before settling on one specific style or material. Beyond price and brand name, think about how energy efficient each option is as well as its durability. The right garage door ultimately depends on where you live and what kind of impact the climate has on doors that are used regularly.

Last but not least, look into warranty options as well as any financing deals available to you. These can make a big difference when adding garage doors to your home’s exterior and making this type of major purchase.


How do the different types of garage doors measure up?

The most common type of garage door is steel, but there are pros and cons to consider before going with this choice. Steel isn’t necessarily more durable than other materials because it will dent, even if it’s covered with protective enamel paint.

It also conducts cold weather better than wood- or vinyl-based options do—so what you save on energy costs during winter months may be lost come summertime when the heat from outside gets trapped between the layers of cold metal. However, steel will never rot or get termites like wood options might, so it has


Did you know a garage door yields the highest return on home upgrade investments?

When it comes to selling your property, a new garage door has the highest return on investment (97.5 percent) of any type of home improvement project (according to Zillow).


A garage door protects your home from atmospheric elements and intruders. It also enhances curb appeal—and for all these reasons, it’s a wise investment to fund a new one. Plus, you can give your garage a fresh look that complements the rest of your home.


Preventive Maintenance Tips

Depending on where you live, your garage door will need to bear the brunt of salt and ice in the winter, as well as excessive heat in the summer. The best way to keep it strong is by making sure you have an annual tune-up service performed by a professional who’ll inspect all parts for wear and tear or other damage caused by normal use over time.

If you want to be proactive about this, it’s not a bad idea to invest in at least one door sweep (which attaches to the bottom of the garage) and some weather stripping (to use on the sides and top). These simple steps can go a long way toward keeping your garage door strong and protecting your home.


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