There are several ways to burglarproof your doors but most of those locks are very expensive. If you have low budget, you may not be able to afford them. However, here are a few inexpensive tips to secure your doors.


Go for solid doors

Install doors that are very solid and kick-proof. The door could be a steel door or one with a solid wood core. Even if you cannot install the door in all the compartments of your apartment, you should install it in the main doors. If a burglar cannot gain access into your apartment he can’t have access to the rooms inside.

If you prefer a metal door, you should ensure that it has an internal reinforcement and a lock block. This will prevent a burglar from being able to bend it open with a crowbar or metal jack. In fact, reinforced steel doors are your best bet. The only problem with them is that they are prone to rust so they need extra maintenance.


Seal up your window

If there is a window near the door, you need to seal it. This is because a burglar can smash it and dip his hand through it to open your door from behind. This also means that you should opt for a door without a window. For those that are obsessed with a windowed door, they may need to install decorative bars behind the glass.


Don’t plant flowers near your door

When the flowers grow, they will be able to obscure your door and provide room for a burglar to hide and operate without your neighbors seeing him. So, you should find other locations around your home to plant your flowers.


The deadbolt is the door

You may have heard that a door is as strong as its lock. Yes, it is true. No matter how strong your door is, it is useless if its lock is weak. So, you need a deadbolt that extends deep into the door frame. If your door does not have that, you can install one.


Consider secondary protection

It is not a bad idea to install a secondary deadbolt. It will only raise the security of your home further. These deadbolts don’t require keys and so you can’t use them from outside. You can only make use of them when you are at home.

They protect you from dangerous invasion. Remember, burglars prefer easy doors because their operation requires speed. So, make your door a timewaster for burglars. It will discourage them.


Fortify your frame too

While you make your door more secure, it is necessary to fortify the frame of the door too. What if the door doesn’t bulge to impact but its frame caves in? It will still pave way for burglars. So as you are reinforcing your door, you should also fortify its frame.

By applying these few tips, you will secure your door further and make it unattractive to burglars. Of course, there are more sophisticated ways to do this but they are expensive.

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