Door locks are a necessary part of your home security. Locks keep burglars out and keep you safe from intruders. They also prevent children or pets from getting locked inside. But there’s more to it than just installing the lock on the door; do you know what to do with all those locks? Do you know how many different types of locks exist, and which ones work best for your needs? If not, then read on!


What is a door locking system?

Simply put, a door locking system is just that: it’s a system that locks your doors. A standard door locking system consists of different parts and locks, and together they ensure the best possible protection of your home without compromising on convenience:

Doors: Doors are important because if you don’t have one, then you can’t secure it. Standard doors come with a built-in locking system that you can use, but they are rarely enough to protect your home against burglars. For more protection, you need to install new locks on the door so burglars can’t enter through it.

Doorknobs: Doorknobs are another important part of your door locking system. A standard knob comes with its own built-in lock, but these locks are also easy for burglars to figure out or even break through. That’s why it’s recommended you replace the doorknob in your house with a security doorknob, which is much more secure than the regular one.

Locks: A lock is a device that keeps the door closed. It’s attached to the door and inserted into a strike plate on the frame of the house, which ensures burglars can’t get in through it. Locks come in different shapes and sizes, so you need to choose one according to your needs.


Different Types of Locks

Installation of the front door lock is an important part of your home security system. You might wonder if it’s okay to use a typical pin tumbler lock. It’s not, because these are easily picked by burglars, who have tools for this purpose.

There are many different types of locking systems available on the market. The more expensive ones use high-tech equipment and can be opened with fingerprint identification; these locks are the newest fad in home security. However, they’re very expensive! So what can you do to be sure that the lock on your door is secure?

Key-in Knob Locks: A key-in knob lock is the most common type of door lock. It’s easy to install and pretty efficient at keeping your home safe. Key-in knob lock systems require you to use a key or combo for both locking and unlocking which means they can’t be opened with Key-in knob locks are lock systems that come with a round keyhole on the inside, which only opens when you turn the knob. They are very convenient to use because they have no keys to lose or get broken, but at the same time, they’re not very secure against burglars.


Pin Tumbler Locks: Pin tumbler locks are the most common type of locks, and they’re actually used on almost all doors. They do have a keyhole from the outside to lock and unlock them, but once you open them with a key or a combo, then they turn into a knob that can only be turned by hand. The problem with this system is that burglars can easily pick the lock with a paperclip or a simple tool they carry around.


Round Key Locks: A round key is another common type of lock, and so is its system. Round keys allow you to turn the knob from the inside as well as turn them from the outside using a special key. You can use these locks with the same key if you want to, but they’re more secure if they have different keys – one for locking and one for unlocking.


Push Button Locks: Push-button locks are extremely easy to use! You just need to push a button on the inside of your door, and it will open within seconds. These locks are a great option for people who have kids or pets because they can unlock the door from the inside without getting out of bed. However, if you want to protect your home from burglars, then push-button locks are not a good idea at all!


Electronic Locks: Electronic locks work either with fingerprint technology or keypads. These locks are extremely modern and secure. They can prevent burglars from breaking in through your door by locking it as soon as you close it or they can keep intruders outside until the police arrive if you know that someone is breaking into your home. Electronic locks work best in combination with a regular key-in knob lock because they can be opened from the inside using a traditional key.


Closet Door Locks: Closet doors are usually made from light material, but they’re very important because if you need to use them as an emergency exit route, then there needs to be a lock on them. Your closet doors need more protection than your regular doors because you can’t expect burglars to knock on the door first!


Deadbolt Locks: Deadbolts are more complicated types of locks, but they’ve proven to be 100% effective at keeping your home safe. They work in two ways: lock and unlocking. The locking mechanism requires you to turn the key on the outside of your door all the way, which locks your door in place. You can use a push-button knob or electronic keypad to unlock the deadbolt lock – it depends on what type of system you choose. The best thing about the deadbolt lock is that it works in all weather conditions.


Mortise Locks: A mortise lock is a type of lock that needs to be installed into your door and then connected to the inside knob or handle. It’s made up of two parts: a large piece that locks down onto the door and a separate smaller piece that locks into the deadbolt. The great thing about mortise locks is that you don’t need a door frame to install them – they can be installed on almost any type of door, and all you have to do is drill holes on both sides. They are also very durable and hard for burglars to pick.


Keyless Entry Locks: Keyless entry locks work with a traditional key, but they’re much more convenient for people who don’t want to carry around these long and annoying keys or lose them. You can also use your smartphone as the key so you won’t even have to worry about losing it! These locks are best for people who live in cities or busy areas because they keep your home safe and secure, but you can also use them at work if you want to avoid having to carry around a key.


Cylinder Locks: Cylinders are the most common types of locks that people get these days – they come with three main parts which are the pins, springs and a key. The great thing about these locks is that they’re very easy to install, but you don’t have any protection from burglars that can pick them.


The Best Door Locks For Your Home?

There’s no such thing as the best type of lock, but there are locks that are better than others. To be sure you get the one that’s right for your home, consider the following factors:

  • Type of door – wood or steel?
  • What is outside your house? – Is it surrounded by trees or bushes, so burglars can hide in them?
  • How much money are you willing to spend on a lock system?
  • Are there children in your household? – It’s better if they have locks that use combo rather than keys because kids tend to lose them very often.

You should also consider the fact that most people can easily open a door with no lock at all, so you should start thinking about installing one right away!

The best advice we can give about locking systems is: read the instructions. Every type of lock has different installation requirements and they need to be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Locksmith Tip: For example, you can’t use a deadbolt on a wooden door; it needs to be used on metal or solid wood doors.

Keep in mind that each lock requires its own key too! So you won’t save money by getting one key for every lock in your house, because if you lose a key or want to give one to a friend or neighbor, then they’ll need their own unique key.

Only install locks on doors that are solid and don’t have any holes through them: this will keep burglars out and ensure your safety. You can also use a door bar for extra protection.


What to avoid when choosing a lock

While it’s important to choose the right type of lock, you should also keep in mind what not to do:

Don’t install locks yourself: if you don’t know how to properly install them or if they require special tools, then turn to the professionals.

Don’t get locks that are flimsy or poorly made, because then they won’t protect you. Just remember that good-quality locks aren’t cheap either, so do your research before buying one!

Don’t rush through this process! Take your time to make sure you’ve chosen the right door lock system for your needs.

Don’t buy locks from a stranger or someone you don’t know because they could be selling counterfeit products that will not protect you at all! To ensure safety and avoid scams, always buy from a trusted source – ask your neighbors, friends, or relatives if they already have the locks that you’re thinking about buying.

Don’t stay unprotected or think that it’s too expensive to install locks on your doors because there are affordable options available! Many stores offer discounts if you buy more than one lock at once so try to find a special deal for this purpose.

The most important thing is to be safe so don’t put your family and home at risk!

When you want to keep burglars out, the best lock system is a good old-fashioned deadbolt with a peephole. It’s not suitable for children because they can easily open it using their fingers or with a little bit of effort, but they will be kept safe from intruders.

You can find a variety of door locks in most stores that specialize in this type of merchandise, but you can also purchase them online. If you want to be sure you’ve got the right lock, ask your neighbors if they recommend a particular brand or device and pay attention when they explain how it works. This way, you’ll be sure you’re getting a good product.

If you’ve already got a door lock but you’re not satisfied with it, then the best option is to replace it with a new one. While you can reuse your old locks, they might not work as well as before so keep these tips in mind when making your choice!


Next is we will discuss five rules that should be followed when installing a door lock system:

1) It is always important to purchase quality locks as they can last much longer and provide better protection against break-ins.

2) When purchasing a new lock system, make sure that all parts of it are made of metal or solid wood so they will withstand burglars’ attempts to break them.

3) When installing doors locks, make sure to secure your windows too! This way, you’ll keep all the possible entry points safe for intruders.

4) If you want to step up security and reinforce your front door, you can use a door bar that will keep burglars out.

5) The best locks are the ones that have good quality mechanisms and are easy to open, even with one hand. This way, your children won’t be able to unlock them on their own. Just remember this so you can choose the best lock for your home!

6) The best option is to replace your lock system with a new one if you’re not satisfied with it or if it’s already worn out. You can find these devices in most stores that sell locks, so keep this advice in mind when looking for the right product!

Installing a door lock system is not as straightforward as it seems because there are many different types of locks to choose from. Many people don’t know the do’s and don’ts for installing a door lock system, so we’ve compiled this list of tips that should help you find one that suits your needs.


If you want more information on how to install a door lock system or if you already have one installed but need an expert opinion, call us today at (877) 285-0408!

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