Close your eyes for a second. Picture your house. The people inside are the most important things to you in the world. And the things in there are what make up your life; memories, hobbies, and day-to-day living.

And you’re going to protect it all with a sticker and no security systems?


It’s a common practice and chances are you know someone who has a sticker in their window. Maybe you’re even that person.

But with more than 7 million property crimes in America in 2016, do you really want to take your chances?

A security system does a lot of work in protecting you and your assets. There are all kinds of combinations to specifically match your needs and wants.

With so many security systems on the market, matching the needs and budgets of all customers, there is no need to trust a sticker.

We believe that a security system is important and even necessary for the world that we live in. Let’s walk through some of the benefits of having one in your home.


Faster Response Times

Stepping away from protecting against home invasions for a minute, security systems can help with other emergencies as well.

We all know of the countless crisis that can come up at any time in a home; fire, carbon monoxide, flooding, medical emergencies, and more are possible. The key to managing the damage from these things is to react quickly.

A home security system can help lower that response time drastically.

The right system will be continually monitoring your home for signs of one of these emergencies. So when the smoke detectors go off, the system will pick that up and notify you as well. That’s double protection.

And imagine if you aren’t home when the alarms start going off, how will the fire department be notified?

If you have a system that will send notifications, you can contact emergency services. But also if you have neighbors and they notice the alarms, they can call as well.

The quicker the response time by trained professionals obviously leads to lower damage, which is what everyone wants in that situation.

Emergency situations are often an overlooked reason to have a home security system and maybe one of the most important.


Home Automation Options

Continuing our deep dive into how security systems are beneficial beyond actual protection and security, these systems can also be used for home automation.

Home automation tools and gadgets are more commonly called smart home features. These are things that make tasks digital and can be managed through apps or things of that nature.

These smart-systems are not only helpful from a functional standpoint, they are also often used to conserve energy and save money. Win-win there.

Smart home technology has been around for a few years but has really taken off in the last few. In fact, the number of homes with smart technology is projected to be 100 million by 2023.

Is your home going to be one of those 100 million?

When you link your home security system to some smart technology you can have more control over how it runs and functions.

This can look like garage door controls, digital door locks, window sensors, thermostats, lights, smoke detectors, and doorbell cameras. All of these are controlled by the click of a button in an app on your phone.

All of this digitizing can give you more control over your home and can also give great peace of mind.

Have you ever left the house and then wondered if you turned the light off or locked the door? With these systems, you can easily check (and fix it if you haven’t!).


Cheaper Home Insurance

One last benefit to having a home security system that doesn’t actually have much to do with security against a burglar; cheaper home insurance.

Many insurance companies will offer you lower rates or premiums because you have a security system. They figure if you’re protected in that way, they are less likely to have to reimburse you for property damage.

Cheaper home insurance rates and premiums may also mean that you could bump up your policy. Any more coverage is good coverage if the worst-case scenario happens and you have to use that policy.

There are some cases where home security systems also can increase property value and make the home more appealing to potential buyers.

People are interested in having some of those smart technologies already in place so that they can take advantage without the initial investment.

Now, can a sticker do that?


Home Security Systems

Okay, now to the main reason why people get a home security system; home security.

The security part of these systems may include cameras, motion sensors, glass break detection, and infrared sensors. All of these things (and more options) work together to create a defense for your home against any intruder.

A sticker or sign in the front of your house for a home security company may deter some burglar from trying to get in, but others are on to the ruse and will still try to get in.

Having an actual system in place gives you layers of protection. The first layer of your security system is the visible signage that will keep some intruders away.

Next comes the visible cameras on the exterior of the home. Those cameras are likely to discourage even more from committing crimes against you because they cannot hide.

Then, if they continue in their pursuit, sensors on windows and doors will trip the system and send out alerts.

Whether you are home or not when the alert sounds, you can contact the right authorities to come and mitigate the situation.

Many of these systems also come with continual monitoring that will help you get the situation under control even faster. And, possibly, even in a safer manner.


Layers of Security

What’s important to remember is that a home security system is not the cure-all for all emergencies and invasions that may happen at your home. But it can be an important link in the chain for that overall protection.

Home security systems have gotten a bad reputation in the past because they can occasionally be thwarted and the homeowner still has problems.

This is more commonly the case with older technology, where all of the parts of the system rely on the same type of technology. So if all the sensors use the same frequencies to monitor the intruder has an easier time overcoming the system because he only has to deal with that frequency.

But when you layer the system with a variety of tools, the intruder has a much more difficult time overcoming it.

When you are working on getting our home safe with a security system, it often gets us thinking about other ways we can do to protect our homes.

Most of these non-security system protections are quick and easy solutions. But they all add to overall safe home security.

These easy steps include:

  • Lighting up landscaping to decrease hiding spots
  • Knowing your neighbors
  • Secure the perimeter with fencing
  • Trim tall tree branches near windows
  • Put items away at night
  • Use curtains on windows

Taking a quick tour around your property and noting places where you may be vulnerable is a good practice to get into. These simple changes combined with a home security system provide the ultimate protection for your home and the value found inside.


Customizable Options

With all of the options out there for home security systems, it can seem overwhelming to try and figure out what is right for you.

Obviously, not all homes are created equal and one home security system will not fit all. In order for the system to be effective, they really need to be customized for each home.

A quality home security company will offer a variety of tools to meet each specific home’s needs. This customization allows you to decide which pieces of equipment you want, how many, and if they are all linked together.

Sometimes the process it will take to design the perfect home security system can seem overwhelming and quite daunting. A lot of research can be required to make sure that everything will work together and there will be no holes in the protection.

Luckily, you don’t have to do the work yourself!

Home security companies know the ins and outs of the systems they work with. They can help you to design the perfect coverage that will solve all your problems and put you at ease.

The key to real protection is making it personal and specific for you and your home.


Protection From Everywhere

Protection is not just important when you are at home, it may be even more important when you are not there.

And is there anything worse than wondering if you locked the bedroom window while on vacation? The constant worry can really ruin any relaxation.

But if you have a home security system you can check in whenever you want. This checking in can look like checking locks and garage doors to make sure they are closed. It can be turning outside lights on at night for the appearance of being home.

The most helpful thing a home security system can do while you are away is record everything that is happening. A closed-circuit television system allows you to see into your home whenever you want.

A CCTV system is helpful not only when you are away on vacation but also on a day-to-day basis. If you are at work and your kids get home from school you can see what they are up to. If you get a notification about something from a smart home tool you can check-in and see what exactly is going on.

There is nothing better than knowing what is going on inside your home, even if you aren’t there.


Peace of Mind

There are almost 1.5 million break-ins a day. That is an incredible number and you have a high chance of being one of them at some point.

That staggering number can easily put fear in anyone. But there is no need to live in fear. A home security system can bring a lot of peace to your life.

When you have a system in place it is a simple click of a button to see into your home from wherever you are; work, the store, or a vacation. If an emergency occurs, that information can be quickly sent to the right people to get the right help.

A visible security system does wonders to deter burglars and home invaders from even attempting to commit crimes at your home.

And, heaven forbid, if something does happen, authorities will likely have what they need to take proper action for resolution.

All of these things can help us be more confident in how we are protecting our assets, both people and possessions.


Let Us Help You

The technology behind security systems is continually evolving and improving. More protection is always a good thing, so keeping up with the newest trends is critical.

We’re here to help with all of your home security needs; door locks, full security systems, access control, and home automation.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and protected in their home. Whether they are home or not. A home security system is a way to do that.

Contact us today for all of your home security needs!

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