If you are single then you will want to take extra precautions to keep your home secure. Since there is only one of you to look after the place you will need to ensure that you are safe. One of the best security measures is to hire a professional locksmith to evaluate your home. Most locksmiths offer a free security audit if you ask for it.


The locksmith will look for vulnerable points in your home security; tell if you if the locks need to be replaced, the doors fortified, the windows strengthened, and gives you tips on what need to be done further.

Top security tips to secure your home


Replace old and worn-out locks – You must get your locks replaced or rekeyed when you move in for the first time into a new apartment. During the home security audit, your locksmith will tell you if the locks appear old and worn out and whether they need to be replaced. With bump keys so easily available online, you cannot afford to take chances with your lock – make it secure to replace old or weak locks with ultra-secure deadbolts from companies such as Mult-T-Lock and Medeco.


Have the doors fortified – Your locksmith service will tell you if the front door and back doors are strong enough to withstand break-in attempts. He may suggest adding door latches and other security mechanisms to make it much harder for a burglar to sneak in. You should certainly install a peephole at the door so that you can see who is outside and watch out for any suspicious activity. Lastly, never leave your door unlocked even when stepping out for 5 to 10 minutes. That’s more than enough time for the burglar to do his job. An average burglary in the United States only lasts 6 minutes.


Be friendly with your neighbors – Your neighbors are the best security you can get, especially when you’re single. You should certainly build a healthy relationship with them and request them to watch over your apartment whenever you’re not at home.


Be on your guard whenever you’re online – Be very careful when sharing information about yourself on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You think it’s harmless, but there is no way to tell who else is watching. You should not reveal that you stay alone, or that you’re going away on a vacation abroad. Don’t put up pictures of anything expensive such as jewelry, iPhone, etc.


Keep a dog at home – Having a dog in your apartment can be a very good security measure. It doesn’t have to be an attack dog – as long as the dog makes a lot of noise whenever it detects anything suspicious, that’s good enough.


Install an advanced home security system – You may want to install advanced home security systems such as motion sensor lights, CCTV cameras, a smart alarm system, and so on. Talk to a residential locksmith or home security expert. – Ultimate peace of mind is just around the corner with an advanced home security system.

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