There’s a reason why the locksmith industry brings in over two billion dollars every year — locks are complicated. Because of this, having a professional who knows how to install, repair, and works them is vital.

Unfortunately, some locksmiths aren’t always available, even for emergency services. For example, what do you do when it’s 3 AM and you realize you locked your keys in your car?

The solution: find a 24/7 car locksmith. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about finding an available technician for your auto lockout. Let’s get started!


What’s the Problem?

Before you call a locksmith you need to know what’s wrong with your car. That way you can let the technician know what to expect. Most locksmiths can help you get into your car, but other services may require more advanced.

For example, your technician requires more advanced technology to duplicate keys, or laser cut new ones.

As such, you want to make sure that they are equipped to deal with your situation. In this section, we’ll go over some of the popular problems that require emergency services.


Keys Missing or in the Car

At one point or another, everyone accidentally leaves their keys in the car. Unfortunately, auto-lock features mean that a simple mistake can turn into a big problem.

If your keys are in the car, then a locksmith can help you out with a car lockout typically without any problem. Even the largest, most secure vehicles can be accessed with the right equipment.

This means that you can get your key and get on the way. But what do you do if you lose your keys entirely? No need to panic.

Some locksmiths offer key replacement services. This will likely cost a little more, and you will need to prove that you’re the owner of the vehicle.


Trunk Lockout

A trunk is a great place for storing extra items that you want out of sight. However, occasionally people will accidentally lock their keys in the trunk. This can be more difficult to access than the body of the car, especially with certain types of models.

However, the right type of car locksmith will be able to access any trunk. Just make sure you provide your technician with the make and model of the car so they know what to expect.


Ignition Cylinder Problems

The ignition cylinder is the part of the car that interacts with your key and starts the engine. Unfortunately, it’s composed of multiple metal components that gradually become worn down.

As such, eventually, you may experience ignition problems. For example, if you put your key in the ignition and it doesn’t turn, or it turns but doesn’t start, then you have ignition. In some cases, there are some DIY solutions to this problem.

However, we recommend calling a professional. As we mentioned these systems are fragile. As such, they can be broken when handled by amateurs. Be aware of the signs of a faulty ignition so you can handle it before it gets worse.

Resistance, a squeaky sound, and stickiness are all signs that you should get your ignition checked out.


Broken Key in the Lock

When a key breaks off in your lock, it’s impossible to access your vehicle without getting it removed. Sometimes a broken key is related to user error. If you jam or force a key into a lock, then it can easily snap off.

Other times it’s because of the key itself. Old and rusty keys that have been around too long are prone to snapping.

Regardless of the reason, you need a professional key extractor how can remove the broken-off shard. If you don’t have a spare key, then you should also look for a company that offers key replacement services.


Programing Issues

For many people, smart technology is the key to the future. Considering smart lock technology made around $529.7 million in 2019, it’s hard to deny the popularity of the devices.

Smart locks allow you to control the security of your car from a remote location. They do this by relying on wireless transponder fobs that take the place of a traditional key.

While this technology is convenient, it can also backfire in numerous ways. For example, the AAA reports that they let in over 4 million people who got locked out of their cars due to smart locks.

That’s because some transponders reset or lock you out if the car loses power. In some cases, this can require hiring a professional to reprogram your car key. However, before you contact a locksmith, you should first try some common, but easy fixes.

First, try changing the batteries in your transponder fob. Low batteries provide weak signals which may be causing the problem. You should also make sure that the car is yours.

This may sound obvious, but it happens with a lot of people. People find a car that’s the same make and model, then they think it’s there. If you know the car is yours, and you’ve replaced the battery, then it’s time to call a locksmith.


Know Your Location

After you identify the problem with your car the next thing you need to figure out is your location. This is important because it helps you narrow down the companies that work within your service area.

Try to be as specific as possible. For example, if you’re stuck at a gas station, then find the street address. Don’t just say, ‘the Seven-Eleven near 11th Street’. These kinds of vague instructions can increase your wait time.

In some cases, you may be too far out for some companies. This can happen to people who need locksmiths in remote rural areas.

If this happens to you, then we recommend going with an emergency service that has locations scattered all over the country. That way, they can get to you as quickly as possible.


What to Look For in a Twenty-Four Hour Car Locksmith

It’s a sad fact, but there are a lot of dishonest locksmiths out there. Scammers will try to charge you exuberant rates once they get out to the job site. So how do you find one that will help you at an affordable price? By following these four tips.


Ask About Their Rates

The first thing you should do when calling a locksmith is to ask how much they charge for their services. An honest locksmith will give you a rundown of how much their rates typically cost, as well as any service fees they may charge as well.

You should be suspicious of locksmiths that refuse to give you a price estimate until they’re on the job site. Often scammers will use this as an excuse to drive out there and charge you a ridiculous amount to get into your car.

Then, when you try to cancel, they’ll charge you an expensive service call for the ride. Instead, look for a company that provides upfront pricing when you ask for it.


Make Sure They Have Experience

An inexperienced locksmith will take forever to get you into their car. In some cases, they may even damage the door or interior trying to get in. As such, you should leave it to the professional.

Look for a technician that has at least five or more years of experience working with cars. You should also make sure that the technician is insured, bonded, and has a working license.


Look for Quick, Dependable Response Times

No one likes waiting for hours outside of their car for a locksmith to show up. If you’re in a bad neighborhood, then this can even be dangerous. As such, the quicker the response time, the better.

Look for locksmiths that are available within thirty minutes of calling. Be wary of locksmiths that give vague response times — like ‘around an hour’, or ‘after another job’. Ideally, they’ll be available at any time of the day.

After all, you may require emergency lockout services at any time of the day or night. So, twenty-four-seven availability is a big plus.


Read Their Reviews

Reviews are the quickest way you can double-check the credibility of a company. Simply search the locksmith in question and see what the customers say.

If most of the reviews are positive, then that’s a good indication that the company is legitimate.


Need Help Finding a Professional? Look No Further Than Pros on Call

We hope this article helped you find a car locksmith that works for you. Unfortunately, not all companies are created equally. Some professionals will prey on vulnerable customers with exorbitant prices or long wait times.

So how do you avoid these individuals? By choosing a locksmith through Pros on Call. We’re a certified locksmith company with technicians all over the country.

Any problems you have — from car lockouts to garage door installation — we can help with. We take emergency services seriously.

That’s why we get to you in thirty minutes or less, 24/7. The quicker you contact us, the faster we can help. So, send a request today and get back on the road.

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